About us

The story behind „The Magateen” – from a dream to reality at 15 yo

„A few months ago The Magateen did not exist, not even in my mind. Then it started as something else and eventually become the magazine it is today. A long journey, a struggle both with myself and my abilities. You’re probably wondering WHY I created this magazine…I wanted to share my will to discover, my love for culture & my desire for knowledge, my endless curiousity and my passion for writing; all within articles…and not just some simple, ordinary articles…

But the controversial ones, those which people are afraid to approach as a concern or fear of what social media might say. I brought everything I had on the table for this magazine and will do it all over again. I hope that, through Magateen, we are able to unite the youth and to show the world a new perspective, a new era of ambitious teenagers! <3″ – Bianca Constantin, Founder

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